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It’s Not Just About Video. It’s about Capturing Your Vision.

Whether you're looking for educational or narrative-driven video content, Grant Larson Productions (GLP) crafts immersive, eye-opening experiences for businesses and nonprofits alike. From set construction and prop design to video editing and color correction, we’re here to guide you through every stage of your project.

With a focus on academic, educational, and narrative content, we’re committed to producing world-class cinematic media. So, let’s press play on your next project.

Pre-Production Starts with GLP

Our pre-production goes beyond just finding cast members and screenwriting; we fully align with you and/or your organization to understand your branding needs, artistic vision, and production goals. With a seasoned team of producers, project managers, and creative leaders, GLP offers turnkey solutions to all of your video content needs.

Need a script writer? We’re framed to make the first keystroke.

Looking for on-screen talent? We’ll find your star.

From graphic design and story boarding to onsite set design and post-production color grading, flesh out the vision of your next project with GLP.


Lights, Camera, Production

When you need a film crew to capture your creative vision, GLP is here to bring it into focus. Since 2010, we’ve shot short and feature films, educational series, music videos, and a multitude of other film projects. When you work with GLP, you get more than a camera crew—you tap into a team of experienced producers, writers, directors, and designers, all with an avid passion for digital storytelling.

When it comes time to shoot, our proactive, pre-production approach will make the entire process seamless. Before you know it, it’ll be a wrap, and we’ll roll into post-production. If you’re interested in learning more, scope out our production page and contact us today.


During post-production, we transition from filming to editing. This stage is where the proverbial “magic” happens. Our videos often include captivating animation, elegant motion graphics, and stunning special effects. GLP masterfully creates educational material that is both engaging and digestible and captures narrative content in a way that keeps an audience thirsting for the next scene.

But it’s not just about what the audience sees, it’s about what they hear. That’s why GLP also handles music and effects (M&E), recording and mixing, dialogue replacement, and sound editing. This is particularly helpful for production teams that need an extra set of hands during the post-production stage.

Studio & Video Equipment Rentals

Perhaps you’re all staffed-up and ready to go, but still lack the location, equipment, and set to make your project come alive. Let’s invigorate your project with a suite of incredible rental options. Not only do we have an incredible 6,800 square-foot studio in Burbank, California, but we also have:

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Lenses

  • Props


Agency Support & Assistance

We work with agencies of all sizes during the production and post-production stages to ensure their projects comes to fruition. We have a crew of seasoned screenwriters, graphic designers, hair and makeup artists, cinematographers, and editors who are ready to align with your team. Click the button below to contact us today.

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