We’re experts at creating both computer generated imagery (CGI) and constructing traditional sets. Whether you’re looking for a fantastical landscape or a simple backdrop, CGI can be incredibly useful. With CGI, not only can we help you create an entirely virtual environment, but we can also prototype sets before construction begins.


Creating Sets That

Tell Your Story

Rendering Equals More Control

Rendering a CGI room set is by no means an overnight process, but it can be significantly faster than building a full set. Furthermore, virtual production allows directors, producers, and other crew members to have more control over the setting and scene.

At GLP, we take meticulous care during the pre-production process to ensure your setting is exactly how you envisioned it. By hitting the project out of the park during pre-production stage, you’ll generally be able to decrease your production and post-production budget.

Let’s Get to Work

Computer-enhanced scenes can transform an entertaining narrative into an unforgettable story. If you’re interested in learning more about GLP’s rendering and virtual production services, click the button below to contact us today.